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On the coast of the Gargano fabulous open sea caves, and visit them today, thanks to the excursions that depart twice daily from the port of Vieste, in the morning and afternoon.

The motorboat, fast and comfortable, take visitors along the coast of Puglia that goes from Vieste to Mattinata: 40 km of white rock, high and jagged, between cliffs, bays, coves and spectacular natural arches. While the skipper become storytellers for the occasion, and tell the origin of the caves, because the names of their imaginative, mythical or real incidents that affect them.

They discover so caves of incomparable beauty: the Cave of Contabbandieri, open on the south side and the north side; Grotta Campana Piccola, whose name repeats its shape; Cave also known as the Purple Grotto Hot, where the purple hues of the walls adds a mysterious warmth in winter; Cave Sfondata, open to the blue sky; the Cave of the Two Eyes, topped with two openings that filter a mystical light through dense vegetation; and then the Cave of the Sirens, the Two Rooms, Dream, Palette … and we could go on, but the wind is less!

It is not for the extraordinary spectacle which can be observed: an explosive nature, made of Mediterranean pine trees, laurel, citrus and olive trees hilltop. While the sea reflects a blinding light and offers views to the clear waters enough to show the depth.

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