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Among the typical products of Puglia which attempt throat, cheeses Gargano deserve special mention: fresh or mature, delicate or robust, suit all tastes. And those who have followed a dinner out, some will follow this time.

The province of Foggia produces cheese, cheese, cacioricotta, canestrati, mozzarella, pecorino, ricotta, scamorza fresh and tough … well, it is to get lost! But the king of the Gargano National Park is iI Caciocavallo dauno PAT, for several years now Slow Food Presidium.

The Presidium producers are located in Monte Sant’Angelo, San Giovanni Rotondo and Vieste, along a route traveled by the day quietly.

You will discover a cheese “noble” worked a few dairymen with ancient techniques, which is not used for cooking, but is eaten in purity after proper seasoning (from three months to three years, and can be up to 10). And the more time passes the more the Caciocavallo becomes aromatic scents of wild herbs, flowers bitter, spices and vanilla.

It is produced with the precious and rare milk cows Podolica, native to Asia and that spread in Italy especially from the fifth century. d. C., as a result of the barbarian invasions: sturdy and adaptable, these animals roam free in the pastures of Gargano, among woods and Mediterranean bush. Incontrarne a herd, slow and solemn, she gives a shot to the heart.

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