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The Flamingo Residence is situated in damp areas of the Manfredonia Gulf, which forms part of Gargano National Park.
Just a few metres from the WATERPARK IPPOCAMPO.
Flamingo Residence is an accomodation located in the tourist sea village “Ippocampo“, which belongs to the Town Council of Manfredonia (FG) and it is in the northern part of Apulia, just next to the promontory of Gargano.
This is the most extensive National Park in Italy and contains a rich biodiversity, which makes this promontory a wonderful mosaic of biological and environmental heritage.
The Umbra Forest Nature Reserve is located inside the National Park of Gargano, his green heart, that is characterized by: beech, linden, maple, Turkey oak and holm oak trees…
The aim of Flamingo Residence is to value and protect one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Foggia, where you can lose yourself in the enchanting colours of breathtaking sunsets, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature that will make your accomodation even more unforgettable.
This wonderful Residence was named Flamingo due to the pink flamingos presence, it is located close to salt lagoons which represent the natural habitat of these big and small winged animals that draw circles on the surface of the water.
Flamingo Residence is a new, modern and comfortable accomodation and hence you can easily reach on foot all different stores, for instance: supermarket, bar, pizzeria, bakery, patisserie, drugstore and a lot of beaches.
Besides spending a weekend or an holiday marked by relaxation, Flamingo Residence is only a few feet from the 1° Waterpark of Apulia “Acquapark Ippocampo”, that it’s ideal entertainment for adults and kids, including water slides, swimming pools, music, in addition, a great entertainment staff and a deliciuos gastronomic selection. The perfect place to spend pleasant and electrifying moments in good company and relaxation.
The whole Residence is carried out using traditional constructive methods and materials so that it is integrated perfectly into the natural environment and the landscape. At the same time, the Residence consists of eight villas with all comfort and sorrounded by a large green area.
The names of villas are inspired by local waterfowls, for instance: curlew, spoonbill, dunlin, black-winged stilt, duck, flamingo, heron, seagull. Flamingo Residence is located in a strategic position.
It is in an enviable location between Margherita di Savoia and the National Park of Gargano and hence you can easily reach a lot of tourist places as naturalistic, bathing, rural, thermal, religious, like for example: the sea reserve of Isole Tremiti, the coastal lakes of Varano and Lesina, Manfredonia, Scaloria cave, Salso lake, San Marco in Lamis, Monte Sant’angelo e San Giovanni Rotondo, the town of Padre Pio’s Pilgrimage Church. Followed by The Zagare bay, with his sea stacks, and Pugnochiuso, a popular holiday resort.
Proceeding along the coast, it is possible to run into Vieste, Manacore, Peschici and Rodi Garganico. So, there is no doubt, Flamingo Residece will give you a unique holiday marked by nature, entertainment and sea.

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